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CN: Through the eyes of Linear Design Studio

CN: Through the eyes of... is a series of blog posts written by members of the Concept North community. We wanted to see what Concept North looks like from the other side; to look at our meet-ups through the eyes of our guests and to hear their thoughts and experiences. Next up, we've got Sam Calvert from Linear Design Studio!

'Linear Design Studio started with bringing together people with complimentary skillsets combined with the same passion for creativity and quality. With backgrounds in design, animation and software we thrive working with our clients to deliver incredible imagery with outstanding turn around at a highly competitive rate. Working out of Manchester, our projects spread all over the globe. Our work has seen us deliver domestic and commercial CGI projects in the design and property sectors, while the CGI product work we deliver for use in online stores in on display to an international audience.'

Before Linear Design Studio, I needed to prolifically network as part of my job and by that, I mean going to every event possible. Being Manchester based there is no shortage of events however, time is precious and in the long-term, only the best events will do. Concept North is one of the best.

The events we have been to; the Lake District, Liverpool and Manchester were all unique and that diversity really adds to the Concept North events. With varying formats and locations, you see familiar faces as well as an influx of new every time, meaning it’s always worth going to the next event too.

The ability to get the right people in the room is the main reason I attend these events and why I’m looking forward to the events in 2020. Interesting and engaging people are a trademark of the Concept North community which is a huge credit to Melinda, Natalie & Jen. By ensuring the right people are in the room, it has created an atmosphere you seldom find at this kind of event where people are connecting and not just introducing and moving on.

The themed events with expert speakers and panel Q&A’s are engaging and ensure you are always coming away from the event with fantastic industry insight, as opposed to sitting through a sales pitch which can kill an evening. As a CGI and visualisation company, interior designers are a critical part of our projects and it has been a fantastic place to not only meet new designers but to learn and discuss what we do so we can improve too.

The Concept North events have been excellent for our professional network, which is initially why you go to these kind of events, but what sets them apart has been creating connections with people that are genuine and a pleasure to know. You know when heading to a Concept North even you can turn up, grab a drink and immediately be chatting to someone interesting and engaging from start to finish. Excellent work girls, keep it up!

If you would like to join us, come along to our February meet-up in Chester! You can find you ticket here.

If you'd like to keep in touch with Linear Design Studio..

website: www.lineardesign.studio

instagram: lineardesignstudio

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