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Happy Birthday to Us!

And what a year it has been! We’ve had a few lows, many many highs, 7 events, over 400 guests, hundreds of social media comments, dozens of thank you emails - and we even went from a duo to a trio. Now that is what you call a busy, busy year!

On the 27thof September we have gone back to our old stomping ground in Liverpool and celebrated our anniversary where we first started out…at the beautiful Florist on Hardman Street! You cannot find a place that’s more photo-worthy than The Florist, but most of all, a more welcoming venue where nothing is too much to ask and where you are guaranteed to get treated to amazing food and drinks.

They say you should never have a favourite when it comes to your children, but this meet-up might have been the loveliest one we’ve had so far. The room was buzzing with love, creativity, people supporting one another, laughter and positivity. We’ve had such a brilliant panel chat with Leanne Wookey (TP Bennett), Richard Eastwood (R2 Architecture) and Fiona Watkins (Fiona Watkins Design) – honest conversations about the ups and downs of running a business and being a designer, about staying creative and motivated, a designer’s love-hate relationship with spreadsheets, and we even learnt not to work with gangsters (if you were there, you’ll know what this means :)

We couldn’t have celebrated the last year in better company and we couldn’t feel more honoured to play a little part in keeping the northern design community alive.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you – thank you for your kind words, for your encouragement, your support, for continually showing up and for asking us to keep going! We cannot wait to see what the next year brings us!

Lasty but certainly not least, we need to thank our sponsors for helping us bringing these events to you. We can do our thing thanks to their support and for believing in us and hopefully they know just how grateful we are: our main sponsor for 2019, Concept Bespoke Joinery and our event sponsors, Tektura Wallcoverings and Versital.

To Mirabeau Wine for keeping us jolly on the 27th with their Rose and to our goodybag sponsors (Versital, Tektura Wallcoverings, Concept Bespoke Joinery, Desenio, Dowsing and Reynolds, Teapigs, Betsy and Els, and Hello Day Planner) and prize draw sponsors (Ruth Holly, I Drew This, Mirabeau Wine and Annika Reed Studio) for treating us to a few lovely bits!

Enjoy the beautiful pictures in the gallery, as always taken by our very own Robyn Swain!

Hope to see you in Manchester on the 28th of November!

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