Visiting Clerkenwell in 24 hours

May 16, 2019

Photo credit: Clerkenwell Design Week website (Reflect us)



Who’s heading to Clerkenwell this year?! This month is a busy one filled with so much to see but if you’re travelling down to London from up North, you’re probably only heading down for the night and we know how hard it is trying to squeeze everything into a short trip! To help you out we’ve whittled down some of our top picks of things to visit within a short and sweet flying visit.


Reflect Us


“ An invitation. A challenge. A pause from life. It’s easy to become numb from the people around us, so artist Beau Kerouac invites you to look closer. Stop and reflect at the immensity of the small, at the beauty of the biological, the detail of the extraordinary. Reflect Us is an opportunity to look deeply externally and internally. We all have insecurities; passions; our sights set on something. We all have eyes, and yet how often do you look deeply into the eyes of a stranger? This impressive art installation is crafted from macro photographs of eyes of the homeless, and invites you to look at the majesty and fragility of the human condition.”


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Bottle House Installation


“ Every minute 1 million plastic bottles are bought or sold all over the world. That’s about 20,000 every second. Once the bottles are empty, they become worthless waste. Some may get recycled, most get dumped into landfill or our oceans and now there’s literally tonnes of plastic washing up on our beaches – all around the world – contaminating our natural habitats and endangering the worlds wildlife.small. | Six Miles Across London Ltd. with support from WSP Design Studio are taking action to translate this problem into a social enterprise through cutting edge but low tech design and innovation which can transform this waste into something of tangible value that can be used for providing shelter, healing communities, cities, oceans and our planet. BottleHouse® uses disregarded, empty plastic bottles and applies combined skills in architectural design, engineering and construction to transform this empty bottle into a building block – to form a temporary, but thermally comfortable, structurally sound, unique form of shelter that can protect the occupants from both solar radiation and precipitation. “


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Live Mid-century Furniture Restoration


Camira have collaborated with Shoreditch Design Rooms which will see the detailed craftsmanship involved in the live restoration of mid-century modern chairs.


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Shaw have joined forces with Brighton-based graphic artist and designer Lois O'Hara, as well as working with designer and illustrator couple Rupert and  Abi Meats of RUDE Design. The theme of FLOW will be interpreted into Lois’s artwork and through the poster workshops with RUDE Design. Shaw Contract are also running special sessions showing their new colour forecast CPD - ColourConnect, linking to how colour influences the FLOW in spaces.


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Concept North – May Meet Up, 30th May, Opera Grill, Chester

Connecting people in the world of interiors and property

"Marketing through the eyes of the insiders"


Photo credit: Opera Grill


Last but not least, if you can’t make Clerkenwell this year but still fancy going to a design event, we have our May meet up in Chester! We have food tasting, goody bags, live music, competitions, mingling and we’ve lined up a fab panel of guests who we’ll be chatting all things marketing related to our industry in our live panel chat ‘Marketing through the eyes of the insiders’.


Panel guests


Karolina Barnes, Editor of Estila Mag

Jennifer Williams, Director of Mon Interiors

Kate Baxter, Blogger and marketing strategist from Fabric of My life/ Kate Does

Victoria Apt No 4, Editor of 4 Magazine


Limited space left - book here

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