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About The March Meetup...

Well, Spring is definitely here which means one thing for us. It means that we now have 4 meet-ups under our belts and only 4 more to go in 2019! Less than 9 months ago today we were organising our first meetup in Liverpool with nothing more than hopes, vague ideas and lots of enthusiasm. We always thought there is an amazing community of creatives here up North and now we have all the events, conversations, collaborations, growing relationships and pictures to prove it!:)

A couple of weeks ago we got together for our 4th meetup in Preston at The Artistry House, and many of you came along (I think mostly to snoop around in this amazing building, but I won't hold it against you:)

We still can't believe how lucky we were to find The Artistry House and to convince them to let us use their 'home' for the evening. The concept behind The Artistry House is truly an incredible one - it's about changing the way creatives work, in a space that inspires you and makes you feel at home at the same time. Imagine spending your 9-5 in front of a fireplace, on the sofa, barefoot - this (and so much more) is The Artistry House. From the incredible feedback we have received it's fair to say that you all loved spending the evening there.

We try our best to come up with different themes, ideas and structures for each event and the March meetup was probably the most 'out-there' event we've done so far. We've scrapped most of our tried and tested methods and decided to have live demonstrations instead of guest speakers and aimed for less of a networking, more of a house party environment. We wanted you to feel comfortable, relaxed and at home all the while still making those ever important connections and interacting with each other. We truly hope we have achieved this!

As always, there are many people we are grateful to for helping us, for believing in what we do and for trusting us to do a good job with these meetups.

No one worked harder than the creatives who agreed to do the live demonstrations - Concept Bespoke Joinery (who is also Concept North's Main Sponsor) with their joinery set-up, Imogen Woodings from Bluebird Upholstery with the stool upholstery demo, Michael Wylie from Sketchbook Design who worked on his artwork in front of you all and the team from Tektura Wallcoverings (our ever supportive Event Sponsor) who chatted to you about trends in the world of interiors. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the evening so special!

Special thanks goes to all our goody bag and competition contributors who made it possible to give you a little bit of something extra at the end of the evening:

Houseology, Bedfolk, Inside Gallery and Sketchbook Design for the prizes;

Truce Online, Handmade by Hanna Rose, Mrs Rawlinson, Fiona Jane Interiors and Tektura Wallcoverings for the goody bag goodies.

Our amazing hosts for the evening: The Artistry House - we couldn't have found a better place for the meetup. Lynsey and Andy (Wash Studio) for being such a huge help, John (Studio John Bridge) for his enthusiasm about the fireside talks and Graeme (Atlantic Contemporary Art) for the artwork eye candy in the house.

Robyn Swain for capturing the evening so well through her lens and Peter from Hype Films for filming (coming soon) the event.

Do check out our Gallery to see all the images!

Don't be a stranger and we will see you soon in Chester:)

Melinda & Natalie

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