Top 3 tips to boost creativity and productivity

January 16, 2019

If you're like us, you may find yourself hitting a brick wall every now and again and facing a creative block. Creativity can sometimes come in bursts when you're least expecting it, and then when you need it most it just doesn't happen. So we thought we'd share some top tips on what helps us move past those dreaded creative blocks.


1. Surround yourself with other like-minded creative people


There is nothing better than talking to other creative people whether that be new contacts or old friends. Whenever we do this we often come away feeling inspired by the conversations we've had and it often gives us a massive boost and motivation to tackle the things we've been putting off.  You can bounce ideas of each other and get a second opinion on something you've been mulling over.


 Photo credit: Robert Mawdsley photography. Concept North November meet - up - see full gallery


2. Get outside of your usual work environment


When you're staring at a computer screen day in, day out in your office, it can be so difficult to be creative and churn out new ideas all of the time. The internet is an amazing tool for research with everything available to us at the touch of a button, but it can also make us quite lazy and hide behind our screens too much. We love to get out every now and again and visit cool spaces, whether that be at an event, work in a different place or even go to a nicely designed restaurant for some food. Immersing ourselves in different environments help keep us inspired and we often come away with our brain bursting full of ideas. 


                                          Photo credit: EMCE photo. Concept North September meet-up - read about event


3. Travel


Travel is one of our favourite hobbies! Whether that be to visit a different country or if budget is tight we like to visit different cities viewing the design and architecture. A trip away always helps to boost our creativity as we become exposed to so many different cultures, lifestyles and ways of working. It helps us to look at things from a different perspective, which can often lead to new ideas!


At Concept North events, our vision is to create a community for designers, architects, interior brands, property developers, makers, artists and design bloggers to connect, inspire and access business support through events in the North of the UK.


Concept North is where ideas begin!


Wellbeing for creatives


If you're looking to boost your productivity and creativity this year, why not come along to our events! Our next event is held on 30th January in Leaf, Manchester with a focus on wellbeing for creatives.


With a fresh new year ahead of us we believe that it's time to concentrate on the engine that runs our businesses - our own health and wellbeing! Taking time off to look after ourselves often doesn't come easily but it's just as important as making sure that our clients and suppliers are happy and looked after! Which is why we thought we would give you just a few hours to only think about yourselves. We are bringing you inspiring guest speakers talking about the best ways of looking after your mental and physical health, whilst staying productive and achieving your goals!


Join us for an evening of:

  • Food Tasting
  • Drinks
  • Inspiring Speakers
  • Mingling
  • Goody Bags

...and a few surprises!


Book ticket here. Limited spaces available!


Thank you to our main sponsors Concept Bespoke Joinery and our events sponsors Tektura Wallcoverings who are enabling us to deliver inspiring events for the design community of the North.


Contact to discuss sponsorship opportunities.


 Photo credit: Leaf, Portland Street Manchester


Natalie and Melinda x




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