Concept North Interiors Retreat

Join The Industry Retreat


for female creatives on a journey to become part of the design and property industry

ABERSOCH, WALES  |  12-15 March 2020

We have designed this retreat to give you the confidence, enthusiasm and skills to start or further your career in the world of interior design. 



We truly understand just how difficult it is to take the leap into the design industry and we want to be there for you when you do it, whether it be looking for an employed position or setting up a business of your own. The retreat is built around you; to educate you, empower you, inspire you and make you feel like you are already part of a community. 



You will take place in workshops, listen to presentations, relax while taking long walks and enjoying yoga sessions and creative activities, have wonderful food and enjoy the most beautiful scenery North Wales can give you. 



WHat is the Concept North Interiors Retreat?
In the summer of 2018 we sat down to decide what Concept North was really going to be about. We weren't sure how or if it's going to work but there were two things we were certain of: that we wanted to build a community and that this community was going to be a safe place for everyone included. We hoped that people would build and nourish lasting professional and personal relationships; that they would share their experiences, learn from one another and support this northern community we are lucky to be a part of.
As Concept North grew, we met so many amazing creatives from different branches of the interiors and property industry. We welcomed interior designers and architects and admired their work and skills sets; we connected with independent artists and makers and got blown away by their talent; we got close to brands and suppliers who were open to supporting us and everyone at Concept North. And we also realised just how many people are longing to join the industry, but aren't quite sure where to start.
Before every event, people from all walks of life reach out to us asking if they could come along, if Concept North is for them? They are looking for advice, reassurance and meaningful connections to enable them to take that step towards a career in interiors. So we started to think about ways we could offer a little bit more to this particular group...and the Concept North Interiors Retreat was born!
Why choose our Retreat?
kaboompics_MacBook laptop, coffee and ca
Because we get it. 
As independent Interior Designers, all three of us have the experience in finding our own contrasting ways into the interior design industry. Had we have known what we know now, the transition could have been lots smoother; hence why we want to share our tried and tested methods with you! There is SO much they don't teach you at design school! What we needed when we were trying to find our own way was a helping hand, some kind words, solid advice and above all, a community that made us feel like we belonged.
Between the three of us, we have almost 20 years experience and a whole lot of passion for anything that is property, interiors and architecture related. We have gathered up everything we have learnt into a 4 day package and we want to pass it onto those who could really benefit from our experiences, successes and mistakes. 
During the 4 days you spend with us, you will hear (and hopefully learn) from people who have already been through the hurdles of setting up an interiors business and know what it takes to keep that business alive or to work in a design practice. We will hone into industry-specific subjects and figure out where YOU want to take your career while also focusing on the most important factor any profession needs: you. The Retreat is an investment into yourself and your professional life - we believe that the tailor-made presentations, workshops and activities are the perfect stepping stone for you, to figure out what you want, the skills you need and who you want to become. 
The Nitty Gritty (where, when, who)
The first Concept North Interiors Retreat will take place between the 12th and 15th of March 2020. We will arrive on Thursday the 12th, spend 4 days and 3 nights together and leave on Sunday the 15th.
We are so excited to welcome you to this beautiful venue! Set in Abersoch in North Wales, this beautiful house will be our home for the 4 days we spend together. 
If you are an open-minded,  eager-to-learn female creative with a love for interiors and a dream of working in the industry, this retreat is just the one for you! It doesn't matter what your background is or how many years experience you have - all you need to bring is your enthusiasm and positive mindset and we will take care of the rest.
Whether you are hoping to become a self-employed interior designer, a freelance interior stylist or you want to gain experience by working for someone else, we have made sure that the workshops work for each and every one of you. Interior design is about much more than creating moodboards and selecting soft furnishings - being business minded, knowing how to charge and what to charge for, and making sure you are looking after yourself while you do all the above is also part of the job. 
This retreat will give you insight into all of that and more, and most importantly it will give you the opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded, incredible and inspiring women you can learn from and rely on long after the retreat.
The itinerary
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Day 1

We arrive at 6pm and once everyone has settled in and taken in the views, we will have a fabulous meal followed by mingling, getting to know each other and a journaling exercise to kick off the retreat. 

Day 2

After the breakfast of champions and a walk on the beach to clear our minds, we will jump into our first Session: talking about what exactly an interior design is, what a designer does, what skills are required and the different career choices available to design-lovers. We will then follow with Session 2, a workshop built around sales techniques and being confident. After lunch, we will start Session 3, understanding architectural drawings and an introduction into AutoCAD. In the last session of the day, we will learn about presentational skills during some fun team-building exercises. We will relax with a yoga session, dinner and some fun (optional) team-building games. 
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Day 3

For the third day, we have planned 3 Sessions: 
Session 1 - Targeting Clients
Session 2 - Knowing your worth: pricing structures
Session 3 - The legal nitty-gritty and project management
We will break the day up with a lovely walk and a planned picnic (or pub lunch, depending on the weather). After all the hard work we will enjoy another beautiful meal cooked for us by our chef, followed by a flower pressing workshop to get those creative juices flowing! 

Day 4

Our fourth and final day will be about reflecting, relaxing and saying our goodbyes. After a morning walk and an art and mindfulness workshop, we will have a final short session looking back at the past few days and answering any questions you might have to us. 
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There are 12 available spaces for the Concept North Interiors Retreat. To secure your place you will have to decide on what type of room you would like to stay in. 



Shared Room with Single Beds (with 1 or 3 other people): £1,450     

Double Room with Double Bed (perfect for friends staying together at a lower cost): £1,099  

Non-residential Option (includes lunch and dinner): £950


A payment plan is available so please let us know you are interested in spreading the cost when you book.



If you decide to pay upfront, you will receive an invoice for the full payment.


A payment plan is available and will be tailored to your specific requirements but the full amount must be paid by 30 days prior to the retreat. 


We accept card payments with a 1% percentage surcharge per payment. Please let us know if this is how you intend to pay.



  • a 3-night stay in a luxury holiday home on the Welsh coast

  • all meals (breakfast, lunch, tea) and snacks prepared at the house by a private chef

  • all soft and alcoholic drinks

  • a pub or picnic lunch (weather dependent)

  • 4 workshops, a variety of talks and presentations, and 2 creative activities led by ourselves and external guests 

  • evening yoga to relax your body and mind after a long day

  • journaling and reflecting exercises 

  • a great group of people to learn from and build lasting friendships with



  • your journey to and home from the venue

  • additional drinks and food you purchase outside the set itinerary created by our chef



Once you've decided which room package you would like to go with, please fill out the Booking Form on the bottom of the page. We will get in touch with you ASAP with a confirmation email and an invoice. 



The venue is located in Abersoch. Based on your location and where you are travelling from, we will also let you know about nearby train stations to the venue. You will be added to a private Instagram group so that you can get to know your fellow retreaters and arrange travelling together if you want. 

For those arriving via train, don't worry, we will pick you up from the station!



The retreat is all female so you will be surrounded by some pretty amazing and inspiring ladies. We have decided to keep it intimate with only 12 available places so that you get the most of our attention. Besides the 12 guests there will also be 5 team members in the house.  



Depending on which package you choose, you will be sharing the room with 1 or 3 other creatives in single or bunk beds, or a double bed in case you are coming with a friend. 


If there is a few of you coming, you can request to stay in a room together. But if you come alone, you will be looked after and you will stay with some great people!



Should you decide to cancel your place outside the 14 day cooling off period after booking, we reserve the right to withhold a £400 since all costs are paid upfront by ourselves. The retreat is an investment into yourself and career, so it was created for people who are serious about their journeys - the full payment for the retreat must be paid by 30 days prior to the event and if you decide to cancel less than a month before the retreat, you will loose 40% of the amount paid.


No payment plan is available for booking a place less than 30 days prior to the retreat. 

Booking Form
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Thank you for booking! We can't wait to meet you.

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