Together we run Concept North.

Concept North was built on a passion for design and championing Northern talent. Our mutual vision has driven us to create a community platform for our fellow creatives; a platform that solves the problems we faced as design professionals, so that you don't have to!

We have developed a winning formula to host events that break down barriers, start conversations on important topics, spark new ideas and allow you to develop and nurture strong, lasting relationships. 

What makes us different?

Good food. Inspiring spaces. No shiny suits or hard selling!

Our events are held in some of the North's most well-designed spaces. Join our community to escape the office and develop genuine connections in an inclusive, relaxed and welcoming environment. 

We are proud to be paving the way for a rapidly growing industry of creatives. We want to contribute to your success. 


Concept North is #whereideasbegin.


From left to right: Melinda Kiss (Founding Partner), Natalie Holden (Founding Partner, Jennifer Williams (Partner).





Colour:   purple, mustard and teal


Food:   tapas

Hobby:   travel

Guilty Pleasure:   pretty stationery & crisp butties

Down time:   bubble bath and scented candles

City:   Rome

Musician:   Sting

Downtime:   books and a foot massage

Dream spot:   anywhere near the sea

Guilty pleasure:  cheesy chips and hanging

out on Rightmove

Favourite country: Italy

Fave Designer: Kelly Wearstler & India Mahdavi 

Down time: A large glass of wine & head massage

Dream spot: a secret beach on Anglesey

Hobbies: hotel hopping, art galleries

& travel


Natalie | 07817 288 712      Melinda | 07889 836 093     Jen | 07808 536589

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