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Founded in 2018, Concept North was born out of two Northern designer’s mutual passion for design and creating opportunities for individuals in the property and design industry. Natalie Holden and Melinda Kiss first connected on Instagram and the idea of Concept North developed during their first meeting over coffee after they realised they share similar personalities and challenges. 


Following five extremely successful events, Natalie and Melinda welcomed the chance for Jennifer Williams to join the team as a partner, to further grow and develop the Concept North platform. Jen’s shared drive, passion and vision for putting the North on the map made the perfect match for the Concept North team to make bigger and better things happen! 


As independent interior designers, Natalie, Melinda and Jen all face the struggle of getting to design events and accessing support networks based in the south of the UK. The creative industry of the North is rapidly growing and the Concept North Team are proud to be surrounded by so many other innovators, creators and makers.


Their vision is to create a community for designers, architects, interior brands and property developers to connect, inspire, collaborate and access business support through events in the North of the UK.


Concept North is #whereideasbegin.





Colour:   purple, mustard and teal

Food:   tapas

Hobby:   travel

Guilty Pleasure:   pretty stationery and crisp butties

Down time:   bubble bath and scented candles

City:   Rome

Musician:   Sting

Downtime:   books and a foot massage

Dream spot:   anywhere near the sea

Guilty pleasure:  cheesy chips and hanging


out on Rightmove

Favourite country: Italy

Favourite Designer: Kelly Wearstler & India Mahdavi 

Down time: a (very large) glass of wine & a head massage

Dream spot: a secret beach on Anglesey

Hobbies: hotel hopping, art galleries

& travel